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Section: Other Grants and Activities

ANR Dots

Participants : Claude Jard, Loïc Hélouët, Blaise Genest, Bartosz Grabiec.

Contract INRIA ANR-06-SETI January 2007 - December 2010

Dots ( ) is a national research project where Distribcom cooperates with the LSV/ENS Cachan, the LABRI/Bordeaux, the LAMSADE/Paris Dauphine and the IRCCyN/Nantes. It started in January 2007 and is scheduled to end in December 2010. The ambitious goal of the project is to consider open systems (that is interacting with other undefined systems) which are distributed and require timing information, in order to analyze concrete systems without abstracting one of these aspects. For instance, the interference between several systems require a combination of opened, distributed and timed information. Distribcom is in charge of the interaction of distributed systems with timing aspect (as timed Petri nets) or openness (as distributed controllers and distributed games).


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