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Section: Overall Objectives

Objectives of the team

The DistribCom team addresses models and algorithms for distributed network and service management, and the distributed management of Web services and business processes.

Today, research on network and service management as well as Web Services mainly focuses on issues of software architecture and infrastructure deployment. However, these areas also involve algorithmic problems such as fault diagnosis and alarm correlation, testing, QoS evaluation, negotiation, and monitoring. The DistribCom team develops the foundations supporting such algorithms. Our algorithms are model-based. Our research topics are therefore structured as follows:

  1. Fundamentals of distributed observation and supervision of concurrent systems : this provides the foundations for deriving models and algorithms for the above mentioned tasks.

  2. Self-modeling : for obvious reasons of complexity, our models cannot be built by hand. We thus address the new topic of self-modeling, i.e., the automatic construction of models, both structural and behavioral.

  3. Algorithms for distributed management of telecommunications systems and services.

  4. Web Services orchestrations, functional and QoS aspects.

  5. Active XML peers for Web scale data and workflow management.

Our main industrial ties are with Alcatel-Lucent, on the topic of networks and service management.


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