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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry


Participants : Gerardo Rubino, Adlen Ksentini, Kamal Singh.

We worked in the 2-years (October 2008 – October 2010) DGE Project P2Pim@ges devoted to P2P architectures for video distribution. Our contribution mainly focuses on evaluating the QoE of P2P applications. We also developed performance evaluation analysis of P2P solutions, in the context of a managed network (for instance, the network of a telecommunications operator). The project is leaded by Thomson, wit the participation of Orange, TMG, Devoteam, IPdiva, and the academics Telecom Bretagne, M@rsouin, University of Rennes 1, and 3 teams of INRIA, including Dionysos.

One of the prototypes developed in the project for the demonstrations part of the obtained results got the special prize of the NEM Summit 2009 Best Exhibition Award. It was developed by Devoteam, Telecom Bretagne and our team. In the prototype, our PSQA technology (see  6.10 ) was used to evaluate the perceived quality distributed by a P2P network and to provide feedback for controlling purposes. The demonstration allows to see the network adapting its structure as a function of the QoE delivered, in order to optimize that QoE, thanks to our PSQA module.


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