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Section: New Results

Multipath video streaming

Participants : Majd Ghareeb, César Viho.

With the aim at keeping a high perceived video quality, video streaming over Internet still faces important challenges. Among other solutions, MultiPath Video Streaming (MPVS) over Video Distribution Network (VDN) comes as a promising solution to overcome the limitations of the classical single path and IP-level video streaming approaches. In [39] , we present an adaptive MPVS mechanism to maximize the overall video quality perceived at the client. Overlay path selection is dynamically done based on available bandwidth estimation, while the Quality of Experience (QoE) is subjectively measured using Pseudo-Subjective Quality Assessment (PSQA) tool developed in our team. We present the results on performance evaluation aspects in [40] . They show the ability of our mechanism to adapt automatically and in real-time to the load variation on different paths in order to maximize the overall quality perceived by end-users. See also [31] for a general presentation.


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