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Section: Software


XSD based XML editor For our research projects we have to parametrize complex simulations. We use a tree data structure to store these input parameters. The simulator include a widget to modify these parameters and then launch a simulation. During the research process the simulator is modified and the structure of the input parameters may change. Thomas Guyard (INRIA IA) developed a solution a very generic solutions, which allows to include these changes without a lot of modifications in our software. We store the input data in an XML file. We developed an XML editor named exxEditor , using an XMLSchema to generate a tree based GUI. This software is developed using Qt4 and Xerces c++. The idea is simple : First we read the XMLSchema file then we generate a Qt4 tree (using the model view Framework in Qt). So we have a very easy to use tool to edit XML files, that can be modify just by modifying the XMLSchema file. Due to a good software design we can include this editor in every Qt based program. The program exxEditor and the generic libraries used to construct it are free software. You can download the source code in license CECILL-C at .


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