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Section: Overall Objectives


The cultivated areas of Europe, including agricultural land and exploitation forests, have a strong impact on global environmental conditions. Erosion, resource impoverishment due to over-exploitation, and pollution by fertilizers or pesticides are crucial problems that agronomy and forestry hope to solve through harmonious cultivation modes and exploitation strategies. For this purpose, they must take into account production needs on one hand and the environment on the other; that is to say, both quantitative and qualitative criteria. In this context, mathematical models of plant growth describing interactions between the architecture of the plant and its physiological functioning have a key role to play. They allow the exchanges (of water, carbon, minerals etc) between plants and their natural environment to be quantified. GreenLab is such a functional-structural model, and is the result of a long dialogue between botanists, physiologists and mathematicians. We have developed mathematical tools and their corresponding software for a variety of objectives:

The results of this research seem to show that in the near future, new tools of prediction, optimization and control could be effectively used in agriculture and forest exploitation on a large scale, and would drastically improve the management of the environment.


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