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Section: Software

Scilab and Matlab Toolboxes

Shape optimization

Participant : Grégoire Allaire.

With a student from Caltech, Anton Karrman, who did an internship at CMAP, we developed a Scilab toolbox on shape and topology optimization by the level set method (in 2-d). The routines, a short user's manual and several examples are available on the web page:

Conformal mapping method

Participant : Houssem Haddar.

This Scilab toolbox is dedicated to the resolution of inverse 2-D electrostatic problems using the conformal mapping method introduced by Akdumann, Kress and Haddar. The toolbox treats the cases of a simply connected obstacle with Dirichlet, Neumann or impedance boundary conditions or a simply connected inclusion with a constant conductivity.

Spectral Method for Lipmann-Schwinger Equation

Participants : Armin Lechleiter, Dinh Liem Nguyen.

This Matlab toolbox solves scattering problems for inhomogeneous media in two and three dimensions using an integral approach. The underlying Lippmann-Schwinger integral equation is discretized using the fast Fourier transform by a spectral method following ideas of Vainikko. The discrete system is then solved by an iterative solver (e.g., GMRES). The toolbox also offers the possibility to precondition the solver by a two-grid approach.


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