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Section: Software

FreeFem++ Toolboxes

Structural Optimization

Participants : Olivier Pantz, Grégoire Allaire.

This is a toolbox that contains efficient implementations of shape optimization methods in 2-D using the free finite element software FreeFem++ . It supports boundary variation methods and the homogenization method. A web page of this toolbox is available at .

Contact management

Participant : Olivier Pantz.

This toolbox implements the simulation of non-intersection constraints between several deformable bodies. It has been used to treat contacts between red blood cells in our simulations, but also between genuine non linear elastic structure. It can handle both contacts and self-contacts.


Participants : Olivier Pantz, Dimitri Nicolas.

We developed a visualization tool that convert Freefem++ outputs into flash movies and that has the advantage of generating small files easy to embed in a web page or in a slide presentation. We intend to include this tool in the Freefem++ distribution, since many Freefem++ users would be interested.


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