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Scientific Foundations
Application Domains
New Results
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Other Grants and Activities

Section: Dissemination

Seminars, Conferences, Visits

G. Allaire
  • 8th World Congress on Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization, Lisboa (June 2009) - Invited speaker.

  • Lecturer at the summer school organized at Université du littoral, Calais (September 2009).

  • Invited speaker at the 40th anniversary of the Jacques-Louis Lions laboratory, Paris (December 2009)

  • Short course on optimal design delivered at the Ecole Normale d'Alger (November 2009).

  • Organization of two events related to MMSN Chair:

    • Topology Optimization WORKSHOP - 6 April 2009

    • "Journée de Bilan de la Chaire MMSN" - 29 September, 2009

A. Cossonnière
  • Attended the IMA PI Summer Program for Graduate Students: The Mathematics of Inverse Problems, organized at the university of Delaware, June 15-July 3, 2009 .

  • Research visit to the math. dept. of the university of Delaware : September-December 2009 sponsored by associate team ISIP.

H. Haddar
  • TamTam'09 conference, Kenitra, Morroco, May 2009 - Invited speaker

  • Waves 2009 conference, Pau, France - Invited speaker

  • Co-Organization of a minisymposium on ”The determination of boundary coefficients in inverse boundary value problems and scattering theory” at AIP conference, Vienna, Austria, July 2009.

  • Invited for one weak research visit at LAMSIN, July 2009.

A. Lechleiter
  • Talk in the seminar on PDE at Institut Elie Cartan, Université de Nancy, March 2009.

  • Workgroup on Inverse Problems at the Department of Mathematics, Karlsruhe, Germany, April 2009 - Invited talk.

  • SMAI 2009 conference, La Colle sur Loup, France, Mai 2009 - Contributed talk.

  • WAVES 2009 conference, Pau, France, June 2009 - Contributed talk.

  • The 2009 Leslie Fox Prize Competition, Warwick, UK, June 2009 - Invited talk

  • Minisymposium Application-oriented sampling methods for inverse scattering problems at the conference “Applied Inverse Problems”, Vienna, Austria, July 2009 - Invited talk

  • Talk at the Journée de Bilan de la Chaire MMSN at Ecole Polytechnique, September 2009

  • Talk at the Berichtskolloquium GRK 1294 , Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, December 2009

  • Talk at the INRIA project POEMS seminar, ENSTA, Paris December 2009.

O. Pantz
  • Workshop MOSICOB, September 2009 – Invited speaker

  • AMIS09, Tizi-Ouzou, Algeria, March 2009 – Invited Professor for lectures on FreeFem++

  • Ateliers de Simulation Numérique, Setif, Algeria, October 2009 – Invited Professor for lectures on FreeFem++


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