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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

Collaboration with Thales

Partners: ENSIETA, INRIA (DaRT), Thales

In order to increase productivity and thus decrease time to market, we propose to apply Model Driven Engineering (MDE) through the use of process components, which encapsulate the main activities of co-design processes. We consider that activities going from requirements analysis to implementation, whatever the chosen life-cycle, can be capitalized through process components. They are several formalisms to describe a process (e.g., BPML, CPR, SPEM). We propose a modified version of OMG's SPEM profile (Software Process Engineering Modeling) in order to implement a full MDE process.

We experiment our approach in a co-design process based on the use of the new MARTE profile and we intend to provide a tool that implements it in order to help engineers. In  [68] , we explain our approach applied to the development of Radio Frequency Transceiver. During our experimentation, we had to face some problems of metamodel formalization using tools. We have then proposed in  [69] a framework to define more formalized metamodels. The next challenging issue concerns the identification of a way our co-design process can be adapted to the Gaspard2 framework for design exploration. This work is done in the context of a CIFRE PhD contract co-supervised by Joël Champeau from ENSIETA (Brest) and Jean-Luc Dekeyser.


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