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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

The Ter@ops Project: A System@tic Project

Partners: THALES (TRT, TOSA), Thomson, EADS (EADS Astrium, MBDA), Dassault Aviation, Renault, Valeo, Freescale (SAS), M2000, ARTERIS, Esterel Technologies, VirtualLogix, CEA-LIST, INRIA (Alchemy, Caps, DaRT), IEF, ENSTA, PRiSM, CRI (ARMINES / École des Mines), Laboratoire ETIS, RATP.

The Ter@ops project of the System@tic competitiveness pole aims at developing a hardware platform and the associated development framework for computation intensive applications. This project has started in December 2006.

We work at the level of the framework definition where we study the integration of Gaspard2 in a complete compilation and optimization framework for the Ter@ops platform and the compilation of the control proposed during the thesis of Ouassila Labbani in Gaspard2.


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