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Section: Other Grants and Activities

International initiatives


The European Electronic Chips & Systems design Initiative Missions are to identify, develop and promote efficient methods for electronic system design, with particular regards to the needs of the System-on-Chip and to provide ECSI members with a competitive advantage in this domain for the benefit of the European industry. The list of participants is on: .

Our team has been an ECSI member since 2004. Pierre Boulet is a member of the executive committee of ECSI and secretary of ECSI.

University of Oran

A collaboration has started with the university of Oran, Algeria. This collaboration with Abou El Hassan and his team has been active since 2006. We are working together on scheduling and mapping algorithms for SoC. An Egide-Tassili project has been proposed to strengthen this collaboration.

Collaboration with Spain

We initiate a collaboration with IUMA, University of Las Palmas (Spain) with Antonio Nunez. Some visits and student exchanges are scheduled for the next months. Our collaboration focuses on NoC simulation, verification and design. Euromed 3+3 is one of the projects supporting this work.

We also initiate a collaboration with the IWT2 group of the University of Seville (Spain). Maria Jose Escalona and a student visited us. Our collaboration will be focused on testing model transformation using traceability.

Marte user group

Pierre Boulet has initiated the creation of the MARTE Users' Group ( ).

The MARTE Users' Group is a group of persons and institutions using, evaluating or developing tools for the Modeling and Analysis of Real Time and Embedded systems UML profile. This profile is a standard of the OMG but the MARTE Users' Group is independent of any organizations, including the OMG. It aims at providing a forum for discussing the usages of MARTE, identifying and disseminating the good practices of MARTE tools, influencing the standard and providing resources to MARTE users.

The first action of this group is to organise a workshop in 2010, the 1st Workshop on Model Based Engineering for Embedded Systems Design, March 12, 2010 - Dresden, Germany, in coordination with the DATE'2010 conference.


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