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Section: Dissemination

Participation in conferences organisation

Luc Segoufin is PC-chair of the Intl. Conf. on Database Theory (ICDT'10) to be held in Lausanne in 2010.

Serge Abiteboul was General PC chair of the Very Large Database 2009 Conference.

Several members of the project have participated in program committees:

In May 2009 Luc Segoufin organized an international workshop in Cachan on foundation of semistructured documents.

In June 2009, Luc Segoufin organized the annual workshop of the working group “Complexité et Modèle Finis” of the GDR-IM in Cachan.

In August 2009, Serge Abiteboul organized with Pierre Senellart and Alban Galland a workshop on Brainstorming on Foundations of Web Data Management.

In July 2009, Balder ten Cate organized in Cachan a Workshop on Modal Logic.


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