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Section: Other Grants and Activities

International collaborations

Cooperation within Europe

Dahu is involved into two major grants funded by EU:

Cooperation with Tunisia

Dahu is coordinator (on the French side) of a project INRIA-DGRSRT (Tunisian universities) on “automated verification of the conformance of firewall configurations to access-control policies”, since January 2008. The other partners of the project are the CASSIS team at INRIA Nancy-Grand-Est and the security team at Sup'Com Tunis. This year, DAHU has hosted in July and August the internship of Nihel Ben Youssef (PhD in Supcom Tunis). This internship has resulted in an implementation and the publication of [24] .

Cooperation with North America

Close links also exist with UC San Diego and the database group of Victor Vianu.


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