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Section: Overall Objectives


Tubexpo & MOSAR.

2009 has been the witness of the deployment of large scale in situ sensor network experimentations within the Life Science & Health context. The first in situ experiment took place within the AFSSET(Agence Française de Sécurité Sanitaire de l'Environnement et du Travail) Tubexpo project. The main goal of the Tubexpo project is to measure the exposure of health care workers to the tuberculosis. Within this context, two experiments of 3 months implying more than 100 persons were conducted at the Bichat-Claude Bernard Hospital and at the La Pitié-Salpétrière Hospital.

Another experiment was also conducted from May 2009 to November 2009 in the context of the IP LSH MOSAR project. The goal of MOSAR is to better understand the dynamic of AMRB(Antibiotic Multi Resistant Bacteria) transmission. The experiment conducted at the Hospital Maritime de Berck gathered more than 500 people and was the subject of several press covers.


Launch of the SensLAB platform. The first 256 sensor nodes open testbed platform was open on Nov 2009. For the occasion, the first SensLab tutorial was organized.


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