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Section: Other Grants and Activities

Regional Initiatives


Participants : Guillaume Chelius, Rodolphe Heliot.

The ESPAD (Embedded Sport Performance Analysis Data) is bio-mechanics / physiology logging project funded by FEDER. The goal is to contributed to the design of a distributed multi-sensor architecture that can be worn by an individual and that records bio-mechanical, physiological and environmental data.

Dispop (IXXI)

Participant : Guillaume Chelius [ Prime Investigator ] .

Dispop is a biologging project funded by the Rhône-Alpes Institute of Complex Sciences . Bio-logging consists in equipping animals with tracking and sensing devices such that its mobility, environmental conditions and social interactions can be monitored. This project's goal is more particularly to explore and develop the measure and analysis tools which could help in modeling the dynamic of populations as a response to environmental factors. This project hosts members of the D-NET team and the DEPE – Département Ecologie, Physiologie et Ethologie department of the IPHC – Institut Pluridisciplinaire Hubert Curien (Strasbourg, France).


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