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Section: Software


Participants : Eric Fleury [ correspondant ] , Loïc Lemaître [ ADT SensTOOLS ] .

The main and most important goal of the SensTOOLS ADT project (See also ) is to foster the design, development, tuning, and experimentation of real large scale sensor network applications. Sensor networks have recently emerged as a premier research topic. However, due to their massively distributed nature, the design, implementation, and evaluation of sensor network applications, middleware, and communication protocols are difficult time-consuming tasks. The purpose of the SensTOOLS is to provide both software and hardware toolboxes in order to offer the developer appropriate tools and methods for designing, testing and managing his/her large scale wireless sensor network applications. D-NET contributes to teh SensTOOLS project by developping and maintening the developpment tool suite (WSIM and WSNET). D-NET also contributes to the developpemnt of devices and librairies (portage of SimpliciTY, portage of Contiki OS, FreeRTOS, TinyOS).


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