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Section: Software

GINNet-DynNet: Decision-making platform

Participant : Laurent Bougrain.

GINNet (Graphical Interface for Neural Networks) is a decision-aid platform written in Java, intended to make neural network teaching, use and evaluation easier, by offering various parametrizations and several data pre-treatments. GINNet is based upon a local library for dynamic neural network developments called DynNet. DynNet (Dynamic Networks) is an object-oriented library, written in Java and containing base elements to build neural networks with dynamic architecture such as Optimal Cell Damage and Growing Neural Gas. Classical models are also already available (multi-layer Perceptron, Kohonen self-organizing maps, ...). Variable selection methods and aggregation methods (bagging, boosting, arcing) are implemented too.

The characteristics of GINNet are the following: Portable (100% Java), accessible (model creation in few clicks), complete platform (data importation and pre-treatments, parametrization of every models, result and performance visualization). The characteristics of DynNet are the following: Portable (100% Java), extensible (generic), independent from GINNet, persistent (results are saved in HML), rich (several models are already implemented), documented.

This platform is composed of several parts:

  1. Data manipulation: Selection (variables, patterns), descriptive analysis (stat., PCA..), detection of missing, redundant data.

  2. Corpus manipulation: Variable recoding, permutation, splitting (learning, validation, test sets).

  3. Supervised networks: Simple and multi-layer perceptron.

  4. Competitive networks: Kohonen maps, Neural Gas, Growing Neural Gas.

  5. Meta­learning: Arcing, bagging, boosting.

  6. Results: Error curves, confusion matrix, confidence interval.

DynNet and GINNet are free softwares, registrated to the APP and distributed under CeCILL license, Java 1.4 compatible ( ). GINNet is available as an applet. For further information, see (news, documentations, forums, bug tracking, feature requests, new releases...)


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