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Section: Other Grants and Activities

National contracts

ANR project CALAMAR (2009-2011) “Compositional modelling and Analysis of LArge MoleculAr Regulatory networks - application to the control of human cell proliferation.”, coordinated by C. Chaouiya, TAGC INSERM Marseille, L. Calzone, Institut Curie, Paris,

AE REGATE (2008-) on the “REgulation of the GonAdoTropE axis”, coordinated by Frédérique Clément, SISYPHE, with E. Reiter, INRA Tours, J.P. Françoise, Univ. Paris 6, B. Laroche Orsay, P. Michel Centrale Lyon, N. Ayache ASCLEPIOS, A. Goldbeter, ULB Bruxelles.

AE COLAGE (2008-) on the “control of growth and aging in E. coli using synthetic biology approaches”, coordinated by H. Berry, ALCHEMY, with F. Taddei, A. Lindner, INSERM Necker, H. de Jong, D. Ropers, IBIS, J.L. Gouzé, and M. Chaves, COMORE.


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