Team Contraintes

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Section: New Results

Robustness Analysis w.r.t. Temporal Logic Properties

Participants : Grégory Batt, François Fages, Sylvain Soliman, Aurélien Rizk.

In [7] , we propose a general definition of robustness that applies to any biological function expressible in temporal logic LTL, and to broad model classes and perturbation types. This measure of the robustness of a given behavior with respect to a given set of perturbations can be estimated with a constraint solving method, implemented in BIOCHAM v2.8, for computing the continuous degree of satisfaction of QFLTL(R) formulae. The applicability and biological relevance of our approach is demonstrated by testing and improving the robustness of the timed behavior of a synthetic transcriptional cascade that could be used as a biological timer for synthetic biology applications. These novel methods are evaluated on models of the cell cycle and of the MAPK signalling cascade. In , they are used to analyze a gene activation cascade in synthetic biology.


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