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Section: New Results

Modelling Search in Rules2CP

Participants : François Fages, Julien Martin, Thierry Martinez, Surinderjeet Singh.

One originality of Rules2CP as a modeling language is that it allows us to express search tree and labeling ordering heuristics declaratively by pattern matching on rule left-hand sides' derivation [15] . The search trees are expressed by logical formulae, and heuristic choice criteria are defined by preference orderings on variables and formulae. This approach to specifying ordering heuristics by pattern matching should be applicable to other modeling languages that use definitions, such as Zinc for instance.

In order to deal with dynamic ordering criteria, a new compilation scheme for Rules2CP is introduced in [17] for generating procedural constraint programming code, The comparison with the static expansion of Rules2CP models shows that the overhead at runtime is limited, with a gain in the size of the generated program which could be exponentially larger by static expansion.


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