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Section: Software


Participant : François Fages.

CLPGUI is a generic graphical user interface written in Java for constraint logic programming. It is available for GNU-Prolog and SICStus Prolog. CLPGUI has been developed both for teaching purposes and for debugging complex programs. The graphical user interface is composed of several windows: one main console and several dynamic 2D and 3D viewers of the search tree and of finite domain variables. With CLPGUI it is possible to execute incrementally any goal, backtrack or recompute any state represented as a node in the search tree. The level of granularity for displaying the search tree is defined by annotations in the CLP program.

CLPGUI has been mainly developped in 2001 and is distributed as third-party software on GNU-Prolog and SICStus Prolog web sites. In 2009, CLPGUI has been interfaced to Rules2CP/PKML and used in FP6 Strep Net-WMS with a non-released version.


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