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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry


Participant : Eric Schall.

Optimal is a research project evaluated by the cluster Aerospace Valley concerning the cooling of the stator of a turbomachinery. This project has three industrial partners (Liebherr, Epsilon, and SIBI) and three academic partners (Universities of Pau, Poitiers, and Toulouse).

The flow problem to be studied in this project involves a compressible viscous flow, see Section  3.3 with heat transfer. Our contribution will be based on the tools to be developed in Section  5.5 . Special attention will be paid to the stability of our method with respect to the small Mach number situation as required for the considered flow configuration. Comparison with experimental data will be investigated with respect to the Nusselt number.

The experimental part of the product is conducted in collaboration with Mathieu Mory, professor at UPPA, and the post-doctoral position of Stéphane Soubacq, who started to work in 10/2009, is financed by the project. The modeling and numerical simulation is done in collaboration with Abdellah Saboni, professor at UPPA. The project contains a phd-thesis which is going to start in spring 2010.


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