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CONCHA is an INRIA Project-Team joint with University of Pau and Pays de l'Adour and CNRS (LMA, UMR 5142). CONCHA has been created as an 'equipe INRIA' in april 2007, and is an EPI since february 2008.

Section: Members

Research Scientist

Vincent Perrier [ CR INRIA ]

Faculty Member

Roland Becker [ PR, UPPA, on secondment funded by INRIA since 11/2008, Team Leader, HdR ]
Daniela Capatina [ Assistant professor, UPPA ]
Robert Luce [ Assistant professor, UPPA, on secondment funded by INRIA from 11/2008 to 8/2009, HdR ]
Eric Schall [ Senior assistant professor, UPPA, HdR ]
David Trujillo [ Assistant professor, UPPA, permanent responsible, on secondment funded by INRIA since 11/2009 ]

External Collaborator

Pascal Bruel [ CNRS UPPA, CR, HdR ]
Didier Graebling [ UPPA, PR, HdR ]

Technical Staff

Guillaume Baty [ since November 2008, Associated Engineer, INRIA ]

PhD Student

Julie Joie [ since September 2007, funding from CR Aquitaine ]
Nour El Houda Seloula [ since September 2007, funding from Algeria, complement from INRIA ]
Elodie Estecahandy [ since July 2009, funding from CR Aquitaine and INRIA ]

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Shipeng Mao [ since September 2008 ]
Mingxia Li [ since September 2008 ]

Administrative Assistant

Josy Baron [ TR INRIA ]


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