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Section: Software

LAO developments in JIT compilation

Participants : Benoit Boissinot, Alain Darte, Benoit Dupont-de-Dinechin [ stm icroelectronics ] , Christophe Guillon [ stm icroelectronics ] , Fabrice Rastello.

The other side of our work in the stm icroelectronics compiler LAO, has been to adapt the compiler to make it more suitable for JIT compilation. This means lowering the time and space complexity of several algorithms. In particular we implemented our translation out-of-SSA method (see Section  6.2 ), and we programmed and tested various ways to compute the liveness information as described in 6.6 . Recent efforts (see Section  7.2 ) also focused on developing a tree-scan register allocator for the JIT part of the compiler. This is partially done. In particular there remains to develop a JIT conservative coalescing. Our goal is to bias our tree-scan coalescing with the result of our JIT aggressive coalescing (see Section  6.2 ).


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