Team Compsys

Overall Objectives
Scientific Foundations
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New Results
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Section: Overall Objectives


The objective of Compsys is to adapt and to extend code optimization techniques primarily designed in compilers/parallelizers for high performance computing to the special case of embedded computing systems . In particular, Compsys works on back-end optimizations for specialized processors and on high-level program transformations for the synthesis of hardware accelerators. The main characteristic of Compsys is its focus on combinatorial problems (graph algorithms, linear programming, polyhedra) coming from code optimizations (register allocation, cache and memory optimizations, scheduling, optimizations for power, automatic generation of software/hardware interface, etc.) and the validation of techniques developed in compilation tools.

Compsys started as an Inria project in 2004, after 2 years of maturation, and was positively evaluated in Spring 2007 after its first 4 years period (2004-2007). It will continue with updated research directions. The next section defines the general context of Compsys activities. The second section specifies the research objectives targeted during the first 4 years, the main achievements over this period, and the new research directions that Compsys will follow in the upcoming years. The last section highlights the main results of 2009.


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