Team Compsys

Overall Objectives
Scientific Foundations
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New Results
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Section: Overall Objectives

Highlights of 2009

Compsys has continued its activities on static single assignment (SSA) and register allocation, in collaboration with STMicroelectronics, but working more deeply on just-in-time compilation, in particular on the developments of code optimizations algorithms that take into account speed and memory footprint. This work has led to three new developments:

The Sceptre Minalogic project was finished and (very) positively evaluated at the end of 2009. The first implementation of a full SSA-based register allocator, with two phases (spilling + coloring/coalescing), was done by Quentin Colombet. Florent Bouchez defended his PhD in May 2009 on this topic. Alain Darte and Fabrice Rastello participated to a tutorial on “SSA-based register allocation” at CGO'09. This tutorial was given again at LCPC'09 by Florent Bouchez and Fabrice Rastello. The first (international) workshop focusing on SSA was co-organized by Fabrice Rastello, with the help of Alain Darte and Benoit Boissinot, at Autrans in April 2009. The Sceptre project will continue through Mediacom, a new 3-years project funded by Nano2012 (governmental help for R&D).

In high-level synthesis, two aspects have been explored:


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