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Section: Dissemination


J.-L. Gouzé, O. Bernard, F. Grognard and A. Sciandra gave two weeks of courses in november on mathematical models in biology at the Master on biological oceanography, Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris VI. J.-L. Gouzé (6h) and F. Grognard (3h) taught courses on dynamical systems, O. Bernard on identification (3h) and classworks were taught by P. Masci (6h).

O. Bernard gave lectures at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Paris (3h) on bioenergy from microalgae. O. Bernard gave 12h lectures at the University of Santiago de Compostella (Spain) on advanced modelling, analysis and observation of bioprocesses.

M. Chaves (12 hours) and I. Ndiaye (8 hours, project) taught the course “Modelling biological networks by ordinary differential equations” at the EPU (Ecole Polytechnique Nice - Sophia Antipolis) to 4th year students in Bioengineering.

M. Chaves and J.-L. Gouzé taught 6 hours each of the course “Discrete and continuous approaches to model gene regulatory networks”, which is part of the new Master of Science in Computational Biology, at the University of Nice - Sophia Antipolis.

F. Grognard taught 9 hours of classes on modeling and control of biological systems to 4th year students in the MAM orientation (Applied Mathematics and Modelling) of EPU.

J. Rault gave classes in mathematics (analysis) in the first year of the initial cycle of EPU (64h).



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