Team Comore

Overall Objectives
Scientific Foundations
Application Domains
New Results
Contracts and Grants with Industry
Other Grants and Activities

Section: New Results

Software design

Participants : Olivier Bernard, Fabien Dilet.

Over the years, Comore has been developing a software framework for bioprocess control and supervision called ODIN [69] . This C++ application enables researchers and industrials to easily develop and deploy advanced control algorithms through the use of a Scilab interpreter. It also contains a Scilab-based process simulator which can be harnessed for experimentation and training purposes. ODIN is primarily developed in the C++ programming language and uses CORBA to define component interfaces and provide component isolation. ODIN is a distributed platform, enabling remote monitoring of the controlled processes as well as remote data acquisition. Recently, software development effort has been directed to the graphical user interface, a synoptic view component, new drivers for the experimental hardware and integration of the PlantML data exchange format. PlantML is an XML format used to describe plant data wich helps quickly porting ODIN to new processes and brings easier integration with other software tools using this standard. ODIN has been tested on four different processes. ODIN is undergoing tests at the LBE-INRA in Narbonne.


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