Team Comore

Overall Objectives
Scientific Foundations
Application Domains
New Results
Contracts and Grants with Industry
Other Grants and Activities

Comore is a joint research team between INRIA (Research Unit of Sophia-Antipolis, France) and CNRS (Laboratory of Biological Oceanography and Marine Plankton Ecology, UMR 7093/ Université P.M. Curie, Villefranche sur Mer, France).

Section: Members

Research Scientist

Jean-Luc Gouzé [ Team leader, DR Inria, HdR ]
Antoine Sciandra [ DR UMR 7093, Villefranche-sur-Mer, part time, HdR ]
Olivier Bernard [ DR Inria, HdR ]
Frédéric Grognard [ CR Inria ]
Madalena Chaves [ CR Inria ]
Pierre Bernhard [ DR INRIA emeritus, HdR ]

Technical Staff

Fabien Dilet [ since november ]

PhD Student

Christophe Mocquet [ MESR funding, Université P.M. Curie, part time ]
Thomas Lacour [ MESR funding, Université P.M. Curie, part time ]
Sapna Nundloll [ INRIA funding, UNSA ]
Ibrahima Ndiaye [ MESR funding, UNSA ]
Pierre Masci [ MESR funding, UNSA ]
Jonathan Rault [ MESR funding, UNSA ]
Mickaël Teixeira-Alves [ INRA-INRIA funding, UNSA ]

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Francis Mairet [ ANR funding ]
Andrei Akhmetzhanov [ INRIA funding, since december ]
Wassim Abou Jaoudé [ INRIA funding, since november ]

Visiting Scientist

Eric Benoît [ Professor, Université de La Rochelle, délégation until august, HdR ]

Administrative Assistant

Stéphanie Sorres [ TR, part time ]


Adrien Morvan [ EPU student intern, july-september ]
Anne-Laure Mouly [ ENS student intern, february-june ]
Maria del Mar Quiroga [ Univ. Córdoba, Argentina student Intern, march-july ]
Aline Dannappe [ UTC student intern, since november ]
Eric Pruvost [ Université de Montpellier II student intern, may-june ]


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