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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry


  1. INRIA-CNES (OPALE pole framework), 2008-2009. HJB approach for the atmospheric re-entry problem . Involved researchers: F. Bonnans, H. Zidani.

  2. ENSTA-DGA, 2007-2009. Study of HJB equations associated to motion planning . Involved researchers: N. Forcadel, H. Zidani.

  3. INRIA-CNES (OPALE pole framework), 2008-2009 Study of singular arcs for the ascent phase of winged launchers . Involved researchers: F. Bonnans, P. Martinon, E. Trélat.

  4. INRIA-TOTAL. PhD fellowship (CIFRE) of Y. Cen, dec. 2008-dec. 2011. Involved researchers: F. Bonnans.

  5. INRIA-CNES, 2009-2010. Trajectory optimization for climbing problems . Involved researchers: O. Bokanowski, P. Martinon, H. Zidani.

  6. Inria-Renault, 2009. Optimization of energy management for electric vehicles. Involved researchers: F. Bonnans, H. Zidani.

  7. Inria - HPC Project, Dec 2009 - Dec 2011. Bibliothèque numérique de calcul parallèle: Equations HJB. Involved researchers: O. Bokanowski, F. Bonnans, N. Forcadel, H. Zidani.


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