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Section: Software

Compact Routing Simulator

In the framework of the Alcatel-Lucent Bell collaboration, we are developping a simulator of routing algorithms. This developpement is performed by the engineer F. Majorczyk in Bordeaux site, and in collaboration with INRIA Sophia-Antipolis site.

The main objective is to give a complete experimental study of the Compact Routing Scheme given recently [52] by Abraham, Gavoille, Malkhi, Nisan, Thorup in 2008. This algorithm garantees, for every weighted n -node network routing tables of size Im2 $\sqrt n$ while the stretch factor is at most 3, i.e., the length of the routes induced by the scheme is never more than three time the optimal length (the distance). The bound on the stretch and in the memory are both optimal. Moreover, the scheme is “Name-Independent”, that is the routing decision at the source router is made on the base of the original name of the destination node. No information can be implicitly encoded in the node names, like coordinates in a grid network. This extra feature is important in practice since in many contexts, node names cannot be renamed according to some global state on the network, in particular whenever the network is growing and dynamic.

This study, if one succeeds, would be the first to report experiments on a name-independent routing scheme. Our simulator implement several graph generators, and the target algorithm currently works on 3000 nodes. We plain to extend the experiments up to 10.000 nodes, and in parallel to give a message efficient distributed algorithm and implementation of this algorithm.


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