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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry


Participants : Olivier Beaumont, Lionel Eyraud-Dubois, Ralf Klasing, Hejer Rejeb.

Cyril Banino (Yahoo!, Trondheim, Norway) did his Master degree at the University of Bordeaux in 2002 under the supervision of Olivier Beaumont and his PhD in Trondheim (N.T.N.U.). During his PhD, he worked with Olivier Beaumont on decentralized algorithms for independent tasks scheduling. This collaboration is manifested by several research visits (for a total of 5 weeks since 2003) and several joint papers (IEEE TPDS, Europar'06, IPDPS'03). He has been recently appointed at Yahoo! (Trondheim), and we started an informal collaboration with Yahoo! Research, that led to the publication of  [60] . We now plan to establish a formal collaboration on document storage in large distributed databases, request scheduling and independent tasks distribution across large distributed platforms.


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