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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

ALCATEL (2009 - 2010)

Participants : Cyril Gavoille, Nicolas Hanusse, David Ilcinkas.

The title of this study is “Dynamic Compact Routing Scheme”. The aim of this projet is to develop new routing schemes achieving better performances than current BGP protocols. The problems faced by the inter-domain routing protocol of the Internet are numerous:

In this collaboration, we mainly focus on the scalability properties that a new routing protocol should guarantee. The main measures are the size of the local routing tables, and the time (or message complexity) to update or to generate such tables. The design of schemes achieving sub-linear space per routers, say in Im2 $\sqrt n$ where n is the number of AS routers, is the main challenge. The target networks are AS-network like with more than 100,000 nodes. This projet, in colloboration with the MASCOTE INRIA-project in Nice Sophia-Antipolis, makes the use of simulation, developped at both sites.


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