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Section: Dissemination

Teaching: university courses and summer schools

Sandrine Blazy taught two 32-hour lectures at the Master 2 level (on reliable software and on software vulnerabilities).

David Cachera teaches theoretical computer science (in charge of 4 modules) at École Normale Supérieure de Cachan.

Thomas Genet teaches Cryptographic Protocols and their verification for M2 level (5th university year). He also teaches formal methods for software verification and model driven design at M1 level (4th university year).

Arnaud Gotlieb teaches code-based testing at M2 level in collaboration with Thierry Jéron (Vertecs project) and Sophie Pinchinat (S4 project) in the VTS module. He is principal teacher and responsible of the 5INFO module “Software Testing” at the 5th year of Insa Rennes. He also teaches “Code-based Testing” at the Ecole des Mines de Nantes at the Master level.

Thomas Jensen and David Pichardie taught semantics, type systems and abstract interpretation at Master 2 level.

David Pichardie also taught theoretical computer science at École Normale Supérieure de Cachan and formal methods for software engineering (the B method) at the 4th year of Insa Rennes in collaboration with Mireille Ducassé. David Pichardie gave a four hours lecture on certified static analysis at the 9th International School on Foundations of Security Analysis and Design (Bertinoro, Italy, September 2009).

Thomas Genet gave a lecture on “Cryptographic protocols: principles, attacks and verification tools” at the summer school “École Jeune Chercheurs en Programmation” (Rennes, may 2009).

Thomas Jensen is scientific leader of the École Jeunes Chercheurs en Programmation , an annual summer school for graduate students on programming languages and verification, organized under the auspices of the CNRS GdR ALP. This year's event was organised by Vlad Rusu and took place in Dinard and Rennes.


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