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New Results
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Section: Dissemination

Conferences: program committees, organization, invitations

Thomas Jensen gave an invited talk on “From stack maps to software certificates” at the 2009 International Byte code workshop at ETAPS.

Thomas Jensen was co-chair of the program committee for the 2009 Proof-carrying Code workshop. He served on the program committee of the 35th Int. Conf. on Curr. Trends in Theory and Practice of Computer Science (Sofsem). Foundations track. 2009, the ACM SIGPLAN 2009 Workshop on Partial Evaluation and Program Manipulation (PEPM '09), the 14th IEEE International Conference on Engineering of Complex Computer Systems, 2009 and the workshop on Foundational and Practical Aspects of Resource Analysis (FOPARA'09).

Olivier Heen was on the program committee of CESAR 2008, ACM-WISTP 2008, SSTIC 2008 and SAR-SSI 2008. He is also co-organiser of the DIWALL seminar.

David Pichardie was on the program committee of the BYTECODE'09 international workshop and the PCC'09 international workshop.


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