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Contracts and Grants with Industry

Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

The ANR U3CAT project

Participants : Sandrine Blazy, Matthieu Carlier, Arnaud Gotlieb, David Pichardie.

The ANR U3CAT project (2009–2012) is built upon the results of the RNTL CAT project, which delivered the Frama-C platform for the analysis of C programs and the ACSL assertion language. The ANR U3CAT project focuses on providing a unified interface that would allow to perform several analyses on a same code and to study how these analyses can cooperate in order to prove properties that culd not have been established by one single technique. The other members of the project are the CEA LIST laboratory (project leader), Proval (Inria Futurs), Gallium (Inria Paris-Rocquencourt), Cedric (CNAM), Atos Origin, CS, Dassault-Aviation, Sagem Defense and Airbus Industries.


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