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Section: New Results

Cryptanalysis (Side-Channel)

Participant : David Naccache.

Fault Attacks on RSA Signatures with Partially Unknown Messages (CHES '09)

This paper exhibits a fault attack against RSA signatures with partially known messages: it allows factoring the public modulus N . While the size of the unknown message part increases with the number of faulty signatures available, the complexity of the attack increases exponentially with the number of faulty signatures.

Deconvolving Protected Signals (ARES '09)

The variable clock (VC) side-channel countermeasure consists in clocking a chip with an internal oscillator whose parameters (frequency, duty cycle, shape, etc.) vary randomly in time. In this paper, we use parametric deconvolution to process VC-power consumption curves. We also analyze experimental results in order to show its efficiency.


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