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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

European initiatives

DFG/CNRS project “Noise Generation in Turbulent Flows"

This projects involves several French and German teams both in the applied mathematics and in the fluid dynamics community. Its aim is the development of numerical methods for the computation of noise generated in turbulent flows and to understand the mechanisms of this noise generation.

The project is subdivided into seven teams each involving a French and a German partner. Our German partner is the group of C.-D. Munz at the University of Stuttgart. More details can be found on the web page


This project is funded by European Union under the Seventh Framework Program (FP7) which will provide a comprehensive framework and infrastructure for core and edge transport and turbulence simulation, linking grid and High Performance Computing, to the fusion modeling community. It has started in January 2008 and ends in December 2010. CALVI is involved in this project to provide efficient and reliable visualization tools. Our proposal is based on the use of two tools: Python with numPy and Matplotlib packages and VisIt Software. Our contribution consists in three packages: getting data from fusion community into VisIt and Python, accessing VisIt and Python from Kepler which is the central software of the project, and providing 4D compression and visualization. This year we made the first point which was quite straight forward. More details can be found on the web page


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