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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

CEA Cadarache, gyrokinetic simulation and visualization

Participants : Jean-Philippe Braeunig, Nicolas Crouseilles, Guillaume Latu, Michel Mehrenberger, Ahmed Ratnani, Eric Sonnendrücker.

The object of this contract is the optimization of the semi-Lagrangian code GYSELA used for gyrokinetic simulations of a tokamak and the development of efficient visualization tools for the simulation results. One major development in the code this year was the upgrade from four to five phase space dimensions. This could not be done efficiently without a careful optimization which we helped to perform. Moreover, the 5D code needs to be run on a large number or processors. For this reason we integrated the new local spline interpolation technique we developed, which proved very efficient. On the other hand we parallelized the quasi-neutral Poisson solver used in the code.


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