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Section: Software


Participant : Matthieu Haefelé.

This software is a multidimensional visualization tool. It enables the visualization of 4D functions thanks to an hyperslicing-based interactive visualization technique. So the user can explore at real-time frame rates large hyper-volumetric 4D scalar fields (i.e. datasets beyond 16GB) defined on regular structured grids. Thanks to the calviExport library, the parallel simulations export directly the compressed function and plasmaViz is able to load it into memory thanks to a sparse and efficient data structure. As the user selects different hyperslices, plasmaViz builds them from the compressed function on-the-fly. Thanks to hierarchical finite elements and efficient reconstruction algorithms, we can reach interactive frame rates. This software is currently used by physicists from Cadarache and CEA-Bruyère and its integration in the VTK( ) based visualization tool VisIt ( ) is in progress.


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