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Section: Software


Participants : Martin Campos Pinto, Olivier Hoenen [ correspondant ] , Michel Mehrenberger, Eric Violard.

YODA is an acronym for Yet anOther aDaptive Algorithm. The sequential version of the code was developed by Michel Mehrenberger and Martin Campos-Pinto during CEMRACS 2003. The development of a parallel version was started by Eric Violard in collaboration with Michel Mehrenberger in 2003. It is currently continued with the contributions of Olivier Hoenen. It solves the Vlasov equation on a dyadic mesh of phase-space. The underlying method is based on hierarchical finite elements. Its originality is that the values required for interpolation at the next time step are determined in advance. In terms of efficiency, the method is less adaptive than some other adaptive methods (multi-resolution methods based on interpolating wavelets as examples), but data locality is improved.


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