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Section: Software


Participants : Nicolas Besse, Michaël Gutnic, Matthieu Haefelé, Guillaume Latu [ correspondant ] , Eric Sonnendrücker.

Obiwan is an adaptive semi-Lagrangian code for the resolution of the Vlasov equation. It has up to now a cartesian 1Dx-1Dv version and a 2Dx-2Dv version. The 1D version is coupled either to Poisson's equation or to Maxwell's equations and solves both the relativistic and the non relativistic Vlasov equations. The grid adaptivity is based on a multiresolution method using Lagrange interpolation as a predictor to go from one coarse level to the immediately finer one. This idea amounts to using the so-called interpolating wavelets. A parallel version of the code exists and uses the OpenMP paradigm. Domain size of 5124 has been considered and the method allows to save effectively memory and computation time compared to a non-adaptive code.


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