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Section: Software


Participants : Matthieu Haefelé [ correspondant ] , Pierre Navaro.

The aim of the platform is to change the way numerical methods are implemented and tested. It has been initiated because most of the researchers of the CALVI project develop new numerical methods for almost the same equations. Until now, every researchers implemented their methods as stand-alone C or Fortran applications. So, each researcher, for each code, has to implement the validation process by himself without using previous implementation done by himself or another member of the project. The platform move the implementation from stand-alone application to a module oriented one. Thanks to standardized application programing interfaces (API), the different numerical methods can be swapped between them and can be validated within a common skeleton. This common skeleton plus the standard API is actually the platform. A better reuse of existing modules is expected as well as an increased efficiency in numerical methods implementation.

The whole implementation has been refactored this year according to remarks made by the team. So the python package called 'vlasy', which stands for 'Vlasov' + 'Python', is born. Lot's of things that were accessible to the user are now embedded in Python classes within the package. As a result, the user access objects at higher level of abstraction, thus making the usage easier. Some unit tests have been introduced in the skeleton part of the package and solver validation process is also implemented as unit tests. Two Vlasov solvers have been added as well as 4 test cases. The vlasy package is already used at CEA Cadarache in a physics team.


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