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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

Pôle Images et Réseaux - Transmedi@ (2008-2009)

Participants : Olivier Sentieys, Emmanuel Casseau, Daniel Chillet, Cécile Beaumin-Palud, Arnaud Carer, Thomas Anger.

The TransMedi@ project addresses the issue of video transcoding, and more generally media processing, with very-high performance for network infrastructures and high quality for broadcast equipments. The aim of Transmedi@ is to propose flexible reconfigurable co-processing architectures for the acceleration of video algorithms. In the context of network infrastructure, the platform has to be able to transcode in real time several video streams from various video formats and norms, while in the context of broadcast the main constraint comes from the high-quality (HD) of the video. Cairn is involved in the definition of this platform and will propose innovating structures for reconfigurable coarse-grain processing and data transfer and storage, in this context of video processing. TransMedi@ involves a close collaboration with Alcatel, Envivio, Telecom Bretagne and IETR/Supelec. For more details see .