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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

ANR Architectures du Futur - FOSFOR (2008-2011)

Participants : Daniel Chillet, Sébastien Pillement, Manh Pham, Ludovic Devaux, Didier Demigny.

The Fosfor (Flexible Operating System FOr Reconfigurable platform) project aims at reconsidering the structure of the RTOS which is generally implemented in software, centralized, and static, by proposing a distributed RTOS with homogeneous interface from the application point of view. We propose to exploit dynamic and partial reconfiguration of the reconfigurable SoC. In this context, the tasks are statically or dynamically deployed (i.e. instantiated) on software units (general processors) or hardware units (reconfigurable areas). Flexibility of the OS will be achieved thanks to virtualization mechanisms of OS services, such that the tasks of the application are executed and communicate without prior knowledge of their assignment to software or hardware. FOSFOR involves Irisa, LEAT Nice, ETIS Cergy, Xilinx and Thales. CAIRN will propose and include in the FOSFOR OS a flexible communication infrastructure and its control management.


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