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Other Grants and Activities

Section: Other Grants and Activities

National Initiatives

ANR CADO (Crible algébrique, Distribution, Optimisation)

Participants : Cyril Bouvier, Pierrick Gaudry, Guillaume Hanrot, Alexander Kruppa, Lionel Muller, Emmanuel Thomé, Antonio Vera, Paul Zimmermann.

The team has obtained a financial support from the ANR (“programme blanc”) for a project, common with the TANC project-team and the number theory team of the mathematics lab in Nancy (IECN). Its objective is to study the Number Field Sieve algorithm. This grant has been running since November 2006, and ends in January 2010.

We worked on several aspects of this factoring algorithm, that are linked to our main objectives. Among other things, we investigated the so-called “polynomial selection” phase, we worked on the parallelization (in a Grid context) of the linear algebra step, we also studied the relation search phase, where the speed of the underlying arithmetic is crucial.

The most visible results are

ANR RAPIDE (Design and analysis of stream ciphers dedicated to constrained environments)

Participant : Marion Videau.

The project from “programme Sécurité Et Informatique 2006” involves the team together with the SECRET (former CODES) project-team, the XLIM lab from the university of Limoges and the CITI lab from INSA-Lyon. It has been running since January 2007 and will continue until the end of 2010.

The research project consists in the study and analysis, both from theoretical and practical points of view, of existing stream ciphers and new designs based on non-linear feedback shift registers.

Despite the departure of Marion Videau (on secondment to the cryptographic lab of the Agence Nationale de la Sécurité des Systèmes d'Information), the coordination tasks are held by her from the team side.

ANR DEMOTIS (Collaborative Analysis, Evaluation and Modelling of Health Information Technology)

Participant : Marion Videau.

The project from “programme ARPEGE” involves three INRIA project-teams as a single partner (SMIS, SECRET and CACAO) together with colleagues from CECOJI (CNRS) and the company Sopinspace. It has been running from January 2009 and will continue until the end of 2011.

The project experiments new methods for the multidisciplinary design of large information systems that have to take in account legal, social and technical constraints. Its main field of application is personal health information systems.

ANR CHIC (Courbes Hyperelliptiques, Isogénies, Comptage)

Participants : Pierrick Gaudry, Guillaume Hanrot, Emmanuel Thomé, Gaëtan Bisson, Romain Cosset, Damien Robert.

The team has obtained a financial support from the ANR (“programme blanc”) for a project, common with colleagues from IRMAR (Rennes) and IML (Marseille). The principal investigator for this project is IRMAR. ANR CHIC has just begun in September 2009. The purpose of this ANR project is the study of several aspects of curves in genus 2, with a very strong focus on the computation of explicit isogenies between Jacobians.


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