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Section: Members

Research Scientist

Jérémie Detrey [ Research Scientist, INRIA ]
Pierrick Gaudry [ Research Scientist, CNRS; Team Leader since July 1st, HdR ]
Guillaume Hanrot [ Team Leader, Research Director, INRIA, until June 30th, HdR ]
Emmanuel Thomé [ Research Scientist, INRIA ]
Paul Zimmermann [ Research Director, INRIA, HdR ]

Faculty Member

Marion Videau [ assistant professor, Université Henri Poincaré; on secondment to ANSSI until January 2011 ]

Technical Staff

Lionel Muller [ ADT grant, INRIA, from November 1st ]
Philippe Théveny [ ODL grant, INRIA, until August 31st ]

PhD Student

Gaëtan Bisson [ MESR grant, INPL and Technische Universiteit Eindhoven; defense planned in 2011 ]
Romain Cosset [ INRIA/DGA grant; defense planned in 2011 ]
Nicolas Estibals [ Master project student, February–June; Contrat doctoral, Université Henri Poincaré, since September 1st; defense planned in 2012 ]
Alexander Kruppa [ CNRS grant; defense planned in January 2010 ]
Damien Robert [ MESR grant, Université Henri Poincaré; defense planned in 2010 ]

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Sylvain Chevillard [ Since September 1st ]
Antonio Vera [ Since February 1st ]

Administrative Assistant

Emmanuelle Deschamps


Răzvan Bărbulescu [ Master project student, June–September ]
Cyril Bouvier [ Internship, June–July ]
Iram Chelli [ Master project student, April–September ]


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