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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

"System@tic": Digital Plant 2

Participants : Stéphane Donikian [ contact ] , Fabrice Lamarche [ contact ] , Yann Pinczon du Sel.

"Digital plant 2" is a project of the national industrial cluster "system@tic" driven by EADS CCR with many industrial (Dassault Systems, Dassault Aviation, Renault, ILOG) and academic (CEA, ENS Cachan, Supelec, ... ) partners that ended in september 2009. The goal of this project was to propose a national industrial software platform for simulating and optimizing a plant. We were working in the work package entitled "Human modeling".

The goal of this workpackage was to propose techniques to automatically handle path finding and navigation within virtual plants and to provide toolkits to describe the behavior of virtual humans. During the project, we integrated several of our tools within Virtools (a software designed to add script based components to virtual objects). TopoPlab 5.7 has been integrated to automatically analyse the topology of a 3D database describing the simulation environment. TopoPlan Behavior 5.7 , coupled with MKM 5.4 and HPTS++ 5.5 have also been integrated to handle the animation and the behavior description of virtual humans populating virtual plants.

Those results have been used by EADS and Dassault Systems to model the behavior of virtual actors working on an assembly line of planes.


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