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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

ANR Collaviz

Participants : Thierry Duval [ contact ] , Cédric Fleury, Valérie Gouranton.

Collaviz is an innovative multi-domain remote collaborative platform (project ANR-08-COSI-003-11 funded by the french national research agency) for the simulation-based design applications.

Collaviz involves 6 Academic partners (ECP, EGID, INPT, INSA Rennes, LIRIS, Scilab) and 11 Industrial partners (Artenum, BRGM, Distene, Faurecia, Medit, MCLP Consulting, NECS, Oxalya, TechViz, Teratec)

The major value brought by Collaviz to the scientific and industrial community is to make remote analysis and collaboration easily available and scalable. Web-based technologies, on the top of shared high-performance computing and visualization centers, will permit researchers and engineers handling very large data sets, including 3D data models, by using a single workstation, wherever in the world. Just a "standard" internet connexion will be needed. The classical approach is not adapted anymore: simulation-based design applications tend to generate Terabytes and even Petabytes of data.

Collaviz deals with four major challenges:

We are leading the WP4 about Collaborative Virtual Environments and Techniques, whose aim is to manage the 3D collaborative interactions of the users.


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